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Courgettes and Marrows everywhere

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Fresh from the Doughtastic Allotment

Its that time of year if you grow courgette or marrow. They are coming thick and fast. Lets prep them and pop them in the freezer using store cupboard ingredients. . .Doughtastic's Ratatouille . - Chop onion or 2 - Chop up loads of courgettes and marrow. I leave the skin on. Take out centre of any marrow used. - add tin or 2 of tomatoes - add spinach fresh or tinned. (Optional) - vegi stock cub. - a little tomato puree - a little water

Bring to boil then simmer until cooked. Add seasoning. I add a few chilly flakes. All to taste.

Then decant into pots. What ever you have. I use these pots as i can used them over and over.

Pop into freezer with a label so you remember whats in it.

You can use straight as a veg or a base for soup or pop it into a Shepherd Pie etc.


Perfect to pop into the freezer

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