Pasta Shortage !!!!

Wow-what a mad world at the moment.

Here at the Doughtastic kitchen had a little chat over breakfast and thought that we could help with the knead for pasta.

An easy straight forward recipe that tastes amazing.

1 egg (about 60g egg out of shell) for every 100g all-purpose flour. (Plain or bread)

Knead to smooth.

Cover or wrap to stop it drying out for half an hour so it has a little chill. This will help when rolling out.

You can then roll it out and make into whatever shape your heart desires. You may have a pasta machine hiding in the back of the cupboard. Dust it off and have a play.

Boil water with a little salt. Pop your amazing pasta in and cook until you are happy. It takes minutes so keep an eye on it.

Simple grated cheese or a tomato sauce.


Graham. X

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