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Sourdough Join-in: 50 new starters challenge.

Presently it is more difficult to obtain fresh or dried yeast. For those of us that have flour in the cupboard, we can create our own bread rising agent: a sourdough culture.

For the first time, Doughtastic will be giving you the opportunity to Join-in as Graham makes his own Sourdough starter Live 3 times a day on Facebook for 7-10 days. The first session will be at 3 pm today. Subsequent sessions will be 8 hours apart: 11 pm, 7 am and 3 pm.

You will need

  • Small straight-sided glass jar

  • Bread flour, ideally wholemeal.

  • A set of digital scales

  • Spoon

The prize at the end of the broadcasts is a sourdough culture that will be able to make bread for years to come. No more trips to the shops for yeast.

See you soon

I am on a mission to get 50 people to make their own starter. Please help by sharing with your friends.

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