Wood-fired Oven

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

The foundations have been started

Shovels at the ready
Bread Oven Foundation Dream Team

One of the Dreams of moving to our amazing location with wonderful views, space to create and share with our Doughtastic Friends was to build our Wood-fired Oven.

Not just a simple Wood-fired Oven to bake bread but and Mega Doughtastic Wood-fired Oven that will cook for a whole day.

Starting with teaching clastic Sourdough Pizza that cooks in Minutes, then to the stunning Bread as the temperature comes down a little.

We will then create a spectacular roast with fresh scrummy veg.

Finishing the cooking with a wholesome yummy pudding.

Creating with passion and eating with style through out the day.

Sharing around the large table creating that family sharing experience.

The planned teaching day will finish with time around an open fire sharing about your day and experience.

This is so so exciting for us and we will be offering an amazing overnight stay for the first 5 day courses.

We can not wait.

Register your interest by emailing us now. or give us a call 01489 232221

Do feel free to ask any questions

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