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Stay and bake bread with Graham

Arrival at Doughtastic Baking School 6pm-7pm for welcome drinks, when you will meet your host and tutors Graham and Theresa and your fellow guests. When everyone is settled in we pop on our aprons for the 1st steps into the adventure. Then over a delicious supper, we’ll discuss the weekend’s plans.

We start baking your first artisan creations after a hearty bakers breakfast, exploring different flours. organic white, rye and stoneground wholemeal and breads such as, baguettes, fougasse, pitta and epi made using baker’s yeast. We will extend your knowledge by delving into to use of fats and sugars to make a softer sweet bread that we can turn into a childhood favourite of Iced Buns. We finish your baking day by making of our overnight sponge ready for our morning bake of a Traditional Cob. We finish around 4pm, to give you time to relax on the decking or pop out to explore the local area. Over a three-course dinner, we’ll drink to your successes and finish the evening swapping stories by the fire…

Italian Day! Our day starts with the shaping of our Traditional Cob from the night before and then settle down after turning the ovens on getting ready to bake our rising dough before breakfast. While the Traditional cob is in the oven we start to creating our first Italian dough and learning how to deal with higher hydration to create the amazing chewy textures of Ciabatta, Focaccia, Pizza and then the crunchy texture of grissini. As always, we’ll adjust this to suit all baking levels.

The weekend can be a busy one, but if you wish we can of course make you some free time on one of the days to stretch your legs, check out the beach, or chill out with a book

With your arms full of beautiful breads, and your head buzzing with ideas, you’ll be on the road by 4pm and hopefully miss the traffic on the way home.

We have allocated a few dates however if they do not suit, please call us on 01239 39 39 29, or email us including a contact telephone number and we will call to match our diaries, and we’ll take it from there.

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